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    World Vision - Vietnam Charity Project

    In the year 2013, together with our Passionate Vision Catalysts, We have been working with World Vision on a charity project in Vietnam.

    The objective of our project is to help the children in need through the construction and renovation of classrooms in Hoang Hanh Primary School, Vietnam. We plan to provide a safe and conductive environment for the children development, and to improve the qualifty of  education in Kindergartens and primary schools.

    On the journey towards achieving our charity goal, we have helpful soul and generous donors.

    We have friends who spend their time and effort planning for activities, contributing products, wisdom, ideas, creativity, money in making this project successful and meaningful!

    Donations has been collected through different ways, some collected from friends, some raised from the Kings and Queens Dancing Competition, some from painting auctions, from all kind of activities!

    For example, during our charity booth at the first PIP Property Summit 2013, we have a set of Hello Kitties up for Auction!
    A compassionate man who is touched with the effort we put in for charity, he decided to contribute SGD1000 through his donation at the auction. He bring home a set of hello kitties for his kids with lots of love!

    Another lady with a big big heart, has been collecting donations from her training and coaching session, she has contributed an estimated sum of SGD14,000 which helped us achieve our goal with ease!

    With lots of love and gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, we like to thank all our donors as well as all the helpers who have helped in any way, big and small. Your effort have made a huge difference to the kid's life in Vietnam!

    Soon, we'll plan our work trip to Vietnam.
    We'll continue to work hard and spread the love.

    If you wish to make a difference too, or if you like to make a donation, you could contact us via email info@mygrowthvision.com or call us at 65-6634-7131

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