• 29AUG

    Albert Einstein

    This is an article written by POV Master Trainer Jeff Allen

    I would have loved to have spent a little time with Albert, Albert Einstein that is, because I just love his mind. It was not only all the cool things he invented and worked out but he was a great example of someone with higher consciousness who was also a scientist, a bit of a rarity in this time. I love his mind because it seems that first came the vision and then that was followed by the science, which seems more effective than the other way round.
  • 28AUG

    Acceptance of Your Emotions Lifts You Up

    Acceptance of your emotions lifts you up. You resist and react to most emotions that spring up because they are painful or upsetting. You get angry, hurt or fearful. When you get into that state, it is easy to forget all of your good intentions to use your emotions for healing. So, it is good to set the intention beforehand. If you do this frequently, when emotions do come up, you are ready to respond instead of react to them.
  • 21AUG

    What I love, I become

    We naturally gravitate toward what we love. The more we move toward what we love, the more we enjoy ourself, and we begin to resonate with it. We find that what we love is also within us. This allows a giving and receiving, a sharing and joining in love, which lets us know it as ourself.

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