• 21AUG

    What I love, I become

    We naturally gravitate toward what we love. The more we move toward what we love, the more we enjoy ourself, and we begin to resonate with it. We find that what we love is also within us. This allows a giving and receiving, a sharing and joining in love, which lets us know it as ourself. What we love, we then plant in our heart and help it grow like a garden. We want to give it to everyone, so they, too, can receive and enjoy what we are receiving and enjoying. Enjoyment always wants to be shared.

    Look at who is it that you love, what are you really enjoying in your love for them? Allow yourself to feel your natural gratitude toward this person or situation. Gratitude allows you even stronger resonance with the very gift you are experiencing. Your gratitude not only opens the door to love, it increases love.

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