• 28AUG

    Acceptance of Your Emotions Lifts You Up

    Acceptance of your emotions lifts you up. You resist and react to most emotions that spring up because they are painful or upsetting. You get angry, hurt or fearful. When you get into that state, it is easy to forget all of your good intentions to use your emotions for healing. So, it is good to set the intention beforehand. If you do this frequently, when emotions do come up, you are ready to respond instead of react to them. To set the intention is simply to choose now, as vividly as you can, to respond effectively in a healing fashion when some upset comes up. This builds your life from the inside out. Past mistakes are corrected. Where you were emotionally arrested, you begin to learn and grow once more. Now, use your will to set your intention and then, when you next feel bad, imagine yourself moving naturally in a healing direction.

    Acceptance is one of the core healing principles. A core healing principle can take you all the way to enlightenment. Any type of negative feeling signifies a split in bonding. These feelings are wedged between the splits in your mind that occurred with the lost bonding. They keep you emotionally arrested. To deal effectively with them is to have the integration of these splits occur once more and bonding re-established. To clear out the emotions is simply to accept them rather than resist them. Though you are feeling them, imagine that the emotions are just outside you. As painful as they might be, welcome them into you. When resistance ends, so does the pain. As you bring the emotions into you, see and feel them lifting up your consciousness. If they are super big emotions, you might have your angel or Jesus or Buddha stand next to you, holding your hand. Emotions can also be helpful at weeding out dark influences. So, welcome both the event and the emotions in and let them lift you. As they come in, they bring power back and that is what lifts you. As they come in, they restore your heart and lift up your awareness. Every emotion signals a split in your mind that could be healed with full acceptance of the emotions and the event that gave rise to them. Full acceptance leads to integration. This creates peace, confidence and greater wholeness. It brings back greater balance and more of your heart.

    From Book, The Language of the Heart by Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D.

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