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    Albert Einstein

    This is an article written by POV Master Trainer Jeff Allen

    I would have loved to have spent a little time with Albert, Albert Einstein that is, because I just love his mind. It was not only all the cool things he invented and worked out but he was a great example of someone with higher consciousness who was also a scientist, a bit of a rarity in this time. I love his mind because it seems that first came the vision and then that was followed by the science, which seems more effective than the other way round.

    One of my favorite Einstein quotes is this: “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

    I love this because it is a call for healing, for change, for learning, for curiosity, and for evolution. But how often do we seem to take a totally different attitude when it comes to our mistakes? Instead of learning and changing we try to fix the mess that we were part of creating.

    Here in the UK we have had our share of scandals and problems, and not only that but scandal after scandal of increasingly terrible proportions. Each time we see a string of officials, politicians and policemen claiming that they will not resign. They cling to their jobs making statements that they will clean up the mess. They say they have learnt the lessons but the problems keep coming. 

    In Rotherham, a relatively small city of 250,000 souls, an independent report has revealed how at least 1,400 children, some as young as 11, were raped, abducted, beaten and trafficked to other parts of England between 1997 and 2013. There was a steady stream of reports made to the police, social services and politicians but for 16 years nothing was done about it. How could such a thing have happened, we ask? How could such behavior continue for so long to so many young children? And the people who were in charge when this happened say they can “fix” this situation.

    What they don’t get is the mess was created because they have a blind spot, something that because of their filters, their past, they have no awareness about and it needed to get this bad for it to finally get their attention so they could accept what has happened on their watch and then the transformation process could take place and only after that could we all move forward. These situations do not call for punishment or judgment; they call for our collective healing and growth so our awareness would ensure situations do not become this bad.

    We all have blind spots and if we don’t get a good attitude about hearing feedback about them then we will finally create a mess big enough to get our attention. Then hopefully we will take a great attitude to moving to a higher level before we attempt to clean up the mess. 

    Our attitude is the most important aspect of any situation. Maybe it is time well spent to check it out today before we turn it into another of our blind spots.

    With love, Jeff

    POV Master Trainer

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