Money Mind Workshop

07-Nov-2020 - 08-Nov-2020
by Veronica Lim

Money Mind Workshop is a fun and effective workshop focus on improving your Money wisdom and relationship with Money.

Do you wish to have a better relationship with money? Do you have problem making money, keeping money or growing your money? Do you have the beliefs, habits and know-how to grow your money? What is your money trying to tell you? 

Money Mind Workshop is designed for individuals who truly want to improve their Money position. Whether you have a problem with Money or not, Money Mind workshop provides lots of insights into your money beliefs and relationship with your money. Packed with lots of inspiring activities and practical tips to sort out your money positions, Money Mind is a must-attend workshop for anyone who wants a truly easy and abundant life.

In this workshop, you will learn: 
* Hidden dynamics of Money 
* Our subconscious and unconscious message about Money 
* How our belief system affect our Money 
* How our relationships affect our Money 
* Practical tips to clean up the mess in your Money 
* Practical tips to create and grow your Money 
* Effective exercises to immediately transform your Money position    
Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/119393758947


09:30 AM - 05:30 AM



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