POV Foundation Workshop 愿景心理学基础工作坊

17-Oct-2020 - 17-Oct-2020
by Linda Li

If you could make a wish, what would it be? Would it to be to enjoy better, more fulfilling relationships? Or would it be to experience an abundant life? If you....
1. Feel stressed at work and don't have a better way out
2. Love your family very much but always end up in a fight with them
3. Have been searching for a long time but can never seem to find a perfect life partner
4. Wish to have more money but find it hard to make or save money
5. Would like to help the people around you but don't know where to start
6. Would like to enjoy better health but is often feeling sick or tired
7. Is constantly being challenged by marital/mother & daughter-in-law/ parent and child relationships, we sincerely invite you to join our one day POV Foundation Workshop.

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什么会令你快乐呢?? 要是你的愿望会实现那会是什么呢?是更亲密的关系?还是更丰盛的人生?假如你:
1) 在工作上感觉到非常压力又找不到更好的出路?
2) 很爱家人,他们却常常跟你起冲突?
3) 苦苦寻找,却一直没有心目中的理想伴侣?
4) 想要更多钱却常常赚不到或留不住?
5) 想要帮助身边的人,但不知从何着手?
6) 想要更健康,却常常生病或觉得疲惫不堪?
7) 在婚姻关系/婆媳问题/子女教育方面遇到挑战?我们诚恳的邀请你来参加我们的“POV基础工作坊”。
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09:30 AM - 06:00 PM


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