[Return of the Enchantment Realm] by POV Trainer Francine Girard

18-Feb-2022 - 20-Feb-2022
by Francine Girard

主题 Title: Return of the Enchantment Realm
日期 Date:2022年2月18日~20日(3天工作坊)
时间 Time:8:00am ~ 5:00pm (Singapore Time)
学费 Fee:SGD$1800 or SGD$1600 (100 days grad)
讲师 Speaker: Francine Girard(愿景心理学训练师 POV Trainer)
(英语教学,华语翻译 Conducted in English, Mandarin translation)

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创知见 Growth Vision Training: 65 6908 8128 / 65 8939 7876

今年的国际大师工作坊采线上教学(Zoom Meeting Room)电脑 手机 平板 都可以使用。
 成功报名后就会收到工作坊的会议室 ID 以及密码(仅限个人使用)
The workshop will be held online (format: Zoom Meeting Room).
After registered, meeting ID & password will be given (for personal use only)
[Return of the Enchantment Realms]
Finally, we are offered this opportunity to get in touch and return to this place that’s full of magic, deep heartfelt feelings and charm. With heaven’s guidance and gentle reminder by Francine, we will be winning back our birthright and back to our magical, innocent selves. Calling all sisters to join us in this magical, enchanting 3 days exclusive workshop.
Online Registration: SGD$1800 : https://buy.stripe.com/5kAeVB8jvfhM0fK4gj SGD$1600 (100 days grad): https://buy.stripe.com/5kAbJp1V7c5A1jO148


08:00 AM - 05:00 PM



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