[金钱心灵工作坊 Money Mind Workshop】 by GV Chief Trainer Veron Lim

02-Oct-2021 - 03-Oct-2021
by Veronica Lim

讲师 Speaker: Veron Lim (愿景心理学训练师 POV Trainer)
(华语教学 Conducted in Mandarin, English translation upon request)

 今年的国际大师工作坊采线上教学(Zoom Meeting Room)电脑 手机 平板 都可以使用。
 成功报名后就会收到工作坊的会议室 ID 以及密码(仅限个人使用)
The workshop will be held online (format: Zoom Meeting Room).
After registered, meeting ID & password will be given (for personal use only)

 Money Mind Workshop 
Money Mind Workshop is a fun and effective workshop focus on improving your Money wisdom and relationship with Money.Do you wish to have a better relationship with money?Do you have problem making money, keeping money or growing your money? Do you have the beliefs, habits and know-how to grow your money? What is your money trying to tell you? Money Mind Workshop is designed for individuals who truly want to improve their Money position. Whether you have a problem with Money or not, Money Mind workshop provides lots of insights into your money beliefs and relationship with your money. Packed with lots of inspiring activities and practical tips to sort out your money positions, Money Mind is a must-attend workshop for anyone who wants a truly easy and abundant life.During the 2 days workshop, you will be able to check how past beliefs has affected your current relationship with money. We will share proven methods that will help upgrade your money thinking.You will also uncover some of the unconcious blocks you have about money that has resulted in the 'leakages' in your money bags. AND there will be fun and effective exercises specially designed to deal with specific money issues that will bring loads of awareness to help us clarify our decisions around money.If you are interested to transcend your relationship with money, we would like invite you to join us in this highly popular and effective Money Mind Workshop with our Chief Trainer Veronica Lim.In this workshop, you will Learn How You Can:- Expand Your Capacity To Receive And Multiply Wealth- Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling And Overcoming Emotional And Beliefs Blocks- Experience Powerful and Effective Exercises That Will Reshape Your Money Mindset- Take Step-By-Step Aligned Action To Reach Your Financial Goals- Massively Raise Your Money Energy And Ability To Create A Healthy And Attractive Environment For Money

Course Fee: SGD$699 (1st time attend) Revision : SGD 200 (Please contact Angeline @ 8939-7876) If you are Spore NTUC member, you are able to get up to 50% rebate of course fee! Online Registration: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/money-mind-workshop-by-veron-lim-tickets-161730423049?aff=POVSGMYGroup&fbclid=IwAR1d5y0NbPNVOXxGR3Ckpk9A_VcBji_bHi9wIPpjJUpV3FLYqz1wX_0obeo


09:30 AM - 05:30 AM



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