[幸福关系 Happy Relationship] by POV Trainer Linda Li

13-Nov-2021 - 14-Nov-2021
by Linda Li

讲师 Speaker: Linda Li (愿景心理学训练师 POV Trainer)
(华语教学 Conducted in Mandarin, English translation upon request)

今年的国际大师工作坊采线上教学(Zoom Meeting Room)电脑 手机 平板 都可以使用。
 成功报名后就会收到工作坊的会议室 ID 以及密码(仅限个人使用)
The workshop will be held online (format: Zoom Meeting Room).
After registered, meeting ID & password will be given (for personal use only)


一切的问题,其实都是关系的问题。好的关系是幸福人生的基础 ,而不好的关系则会带来很多的烦恼和痛苦。欢迎你来体验我们的2日幸福关系工作坊,让我们跟金钱,跟成功,跟自己,跟生命中重要的人,跟老天都建立起幸福,美丽的关系, 从而拥有快乐丰盛的人生。

【Happy Relationship】
The underlying issue for all problems is actually a problem with relationships. A good relationship is the foundation of a happy life, whereas a not-so-good relationship would bring us lots of trouble and pain. Come and experience the 2 days Happy Relationship workshop to build a happy, beautiful relationship with your Money, your Success, Yourself, People that are important to you and also with Heaven so as to enjoy a happy and abundant life!

Fee:SGD$468 (includes 1-to-1 coaching) If you are Spore NTUC member, you are able to get up to 50% rebate of course fee! Online Registration: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/happy-relationships-tickets-161740852243?aff=POVSGMYGroup&fbclid=IwAR1kx9ZJpIeqMj0cVpq5Xe_4PTINzPYIwprWSEnVyQ6i50VSFwXAvS9hH-M


09:30 AM - 05:30 PM



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